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For years, The Ready has helped some of the world’s best known organizations reinvent the way they work. Join Future of Work Fundamentals, our mobile course and Slack learner community, and dive into the principles, small moves, and experiments you need to trigger lasting change in your organization.

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What percentage of employees self-report as not engaged at work?
Maybe 50%?
💡 Nice guess! 43% (nearly half!) of employees frequently think about quitting.
Very valuable information!
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What is it?

A combination learning bundle: a mobile course that takes you less than ten minutes a day, and a moderated Slack learning community where you can ask questions, engage with peers from around the world and enjoy free online events.

Future of Work Fundamentals will be your guide, coach, accountabilibuddy, and cheerleader as you become an agent for change in the world (or at least your team).

You’ll learn how to:

  • Sense current ways of working that are holding you back.
  • Spot opportunities for better ways of working.
  • Propose experiments to disrupt old patterns.

Who is this course for?


You’re a leader who is just… over it

We often hear from leaders that ways of working they’ve taken for granted (usually for decades!) aren’t serving them any longer. Join this course if you’re ready to learn a better way of meeting, deciding, and creating clarity for you and your team.


You’re transformation curious

If you hold a role in which you are responsible, in whole or in part, for the “how” of your teams’ work and want to add new principles and practices to your toolkit, this is the perfect way to learn first moves.


You’re a change agent who needs support

Advocating for new ways of working and facilitating new practices takes skill and courage. If you’re trying to make change in your organization and could use some inspiration, motivation, coaching, or practice, this program was built with you in mind.



We all know work isn’t working. In lessons one through five one we’ll give you a 101 in systems theory.

We’ll explore what’s behind trends like decreasing company lifespans and dropping employee engagement rates (hint: it’s bureaucracy), why it’s so hard to change how we work (org debt), and provide frameworks and exercises for you to better understand your own team’s way of working.

Bureaucracy is everywhere, and it's taking a huge toll.
In lessons 1-5 we help you notice  where and why this is happening in your own team.
We also teach you how to spot 💣 organizational debt (any policy, process, role, or structure that's no longer serving us).
Great! I’m excited to get started! 🤓
Bureaucracy is riddled with it (think useless approvals, 👵🏽micromanagement, ignored policies), and the costs of this debt can be hidden but huge.


We’ve inherited a broken way of working, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with it.

In lessons six through ten we’ll explore a viable alternative to legacy ways of working. You’ll learn (and practice) not only new principles, but a new approach to change and how to navigate the inevitable speed bumps along the way.

From this moment on we're designing an OS that's People Positive and Complexity Conscious.
Great! I’m excited to get started! 🤓
Today we'll look at the assumptions behind two very different Operating Systems (OS) and how those assumptions shape how we behave, think, and feel. 🚀


Change is daunting even if we technically know we need and want to do it.

In lessons 11-15 we'll give you specific practices to spark transformation in your day-to-day. You’ll learn how to change update meetings into meaningful forums for action, how to shift from talking about work to doing work, and how to avoid the churn of team decision making. 

How much does it cost?



  • For anyone interested in learning new practices and approaches to change
  • Join a public cohort with likeminded colleagues from across the world


Contact us for special group pricing

  • For teams or groups wanting a shared experience
  • Enjoy a facilitated cadence for exploring and enacting new ways of working together

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Why mobile?

  • Designed for behavior change
    One of the biggest challenges with traditional training is application and follow through in the context of real work. More consistent, bite-sized delivery builds a routine of new ways of thinking and working over the course of 3 weeks.
  • Enhanced with asynchronous discussion and live events
    Our moderated Slack-based community lets learners ask questions and hear about real-world application -- while live facilitated events build confidence, creativity and momentum
  • 10x the engagement rates and 95%+ open rates
    In comparison to traditional e-learning, mobile courses have a much higher  completion, engagement, and satisfaction rate

Community of Practice

For learners who want to dive deeper into transformation work, we will soon pilot a Future of Work Community of Practice (CoP).

The Community of Practice zooms in on an area of the OS Canvas for four weeks. As a member, you’ll receive:

  • Access to weekly facilitated workshops
  • Curated resource bundles
  • A lively moderated online community
  • Optional peer-based working groups that tackle specific, shared technical problems.

We are currently piloting this model and anticipate a public launch by the end of 2023.

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Who we are

The Ready is a change agency. Our purpose is to change how the world works — to realize a more adaptive, equitable, meaningful, and human way of working. We created this course to give more people the ability to change the way the world works. We’re a small company consumed by big projects with amazing clients. That means we don’t have the capacity to connect with and coach even 5% of those who ask for it.

We made Future of Work Fundamentals as an introduction to systems thinking; a topic usually so complex, so opaque, and so steeped in academic jargon that it’s virtually inaccessible. We worked for over a year to get to the essence of what adaptive org design really requires and to create  learning experience that’s an expression of our most strongly-held principles; People Positive and Complexity Conscious.

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